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If you are installing the Repository on an Oracle database on the same
machine, then No. But if it's just the Oracle Developer suite (Designer,
Reports, Forms, etc.), then yes, 1GB of RAM is plenty. I sometimes see
Designer get up to 600MB when reverse engineering large schemas.

You might try these pages as well for further help and info.

We just installed recently as well, bypassing 6i and going straight to 10g
(, which runs on 9i and manages models for 8i and 9i databases.

You may take great interest in where Oracle is (not) headed with Designer:

- bill c.

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We plan to install our first ORACLE Designer 6i on PC
(ORACLE developer Forms and reports also on same PC).
I need your opinion on PC spec see if it have enough
power to run it.

CPU: 2.8 GHZ
HD: 60 GB

By the way does there has listserv (mail group) like
this one for ORACLE application server and ORACLE
developer (Forms, reports)?


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