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I find that doing and even teaching give me far better memory retention than
simply reading.

Likewise, things you "understand" are more likely to be retained than things
you "memorize" so I gear my reading accordingly.

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Recently this happened to me. I studied a good Oracle book by an author some
months ago. It was a tough read for me, took several weeks to study,
understand some important parts of the book.
I had emailed several queries to the author. He had responded to me with his
answers after 3 months. To my surprise, I found out that I had forgotten my
own questions to the extent that I could not even understand them on the
first pass in the response email. They looked too technical for me. I spent
quite a bit of time just on the replies and my questions and then I was able
to understand most of the questions.
How do people who read lots of technical stuff remember and retain what they
How many hours of reading do other DBAs put in per week and do others have
problems retaining what they read?

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