Re: Problem upgrading from Windows 2000 Oracle 8.0.6 to Oracle

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You likely need to investigate the 9.2 tnsnames.ora file.  It probably
needs to be modified to include the 8.0.6 database information.

The DBCA is getting the info from the registry, but that doesn't help
you with creating a database connection.


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Problem upgrading from Windows 2000 Oracle 8.0.6 to Oracle

Hi everybody,

I've just installed Oracle onto a Windows 2000 server which was 
currently running Oracle 8.0.6 with a single instance on it. I noticed 
that during the installation, I wasn't presented with the Upgrading An 
Existing Database screen. This may be significant! I didn't think anything 
of it, since I intended to run the Database Upgrade Assistant 
independently after installing 9.2.

The installation went smoothly. I then checked that the 8.0.6 db instance 
was still up and running, by connecting to it from my office workstation. 
Yes, fine. Back to the server, and I fired up Database Upgrade Assistant 
from the Oracle 9.2 program group. After the Welcome screen it showed the 
panel which did indeed list my 8.0.6 database. I selected it, gave a 
userid with the necessary SYSDBA privileges, and a password, and clicked 
on next. Then I got an error message: ORA-12203: TNS unable to connect to 

Now, presumably this means I've got something wrongly configured on the 
server, such that it can't connect to its own local database. Any ideas at 
all, as to where I should start looking, would be very greatly 

Best regards,

Paul Vincent
Database Administrator 
University of Central England
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