RE: Poll - Classic MetaLink vs. My Oracle Support

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Good point. How are we golf course DBA's supposed to do our job if we can't
be mobile :)

We are a mobile society. Flash makes it difficult if mobility is part of
your job. Flash doesn't bother me but there should be a option for mobility.
While flash will be available for other mobile platforms in the future Adobe
has made it clear it won't be on the iphone any time soon.


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> I don't find it that bad either (once I finally decided to ditch my 256K
> PC). I like the SR interface.
> I also don't think this new thing called "Rock & Roll" is going to last. I
> don't understand that Elvis boy at all.

At least I can stop trying to get ML to work on my Blackberry:

Maybe I can convince work that I need an iPhone once it gets a Flash player.

And it appears that JAWS and other screen readers do not work with Flash
content.  But if one who cannot view the Flash content can magically manage
to login and find the ML article they were looking for, the FAQ says:

"Note: Not all content in My Oracle Support is in Flash. Some, like
Knowledge articles, are in standard HTML formats. This means that when you
come across this content, your browser and operating system (and JAWS)
controls and features apply."

I can only surmise that this means that accessibility was not a factor when
the support portal was converted to Flash.

Sorry for the rant, but it just gets me how far backward the Net has gone
with the seemingly universal acceptance of the concept of a single vendor
controlling content delivery.  Let's hope Adobe is financially stable or the
US Govt will certainly own them, too.

Fun for a Friday!




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