RE: Pinning/keeping plans in shared pool

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Excellent summary Ramick - thank you.  One more thing to add is that
when I ran the query manually with a RULE hint, the performance was
excellent, so one of the workarounds I plan to test is using
dbms_advanced_rewrite to rewrite the query with a RULE hint.

Yes, there are certainly histograms involved here since I'm running the
gather_stats_job, so I think I will take your advice and try removing
all the histograms (by running gather_table_stats with method_opt=>'FOR
ALL COLUMNS SIZE 1') and see if that makes a significant difference in
the parse time.

I did run a 10053 trace on it, but it is 35MB (3MB gzipped) so probably
not appropriate for posting on the list, but I will send you (and anyone
else interested) a zipped copy privately.


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So, you're at on AIX 5.3 from 8.0.6.  You have a couple of
queries joining 20+ tables which performs OK on 806 and has a very long
parse time with 10gR2.

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