Re: Perl and DBI Info From Tim Bunce (dtd July 2004)

  • From: Michael Thomas <mhthomas@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 11:06:10 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Carel-Jan,

Thanks. You have sharp eyes. :-)
There are two similar named files in the 
DBD-Oracle-1.15 directory. The one with .pl
extension appears to generate the other (no 
extension). I hacked 'ora_explain' (no extension) 
for fun.

Around line 1133 add:
$qry1 .= qq{ and first_load_time > to_char(sysdate -

Retrieves only the last hour from v$sqlarea, 
and easy to modify. It may help because app
defaults to fetch only 100 SQL. 

Thanks again.


Mike Thomas

--- Carel-Jan Engel <cjpengel.dbalert@xxxxxxxxx>
> (slightlyy readable in the title-bar
> of the app) appears

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