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And, if'n I'm not mistaken, Perl must also be compiled with threads in =
order to use DBI.  We went with a prebuilt Perl for 11.11, and I just =
yesterday installed DBD::Oracle without a hitch.  And as I look back in =
the 20K lines of scroll buffer in my aterm (rxvt), I see that it used =
gcc v3.3.2.

Follow Jared's advice and the F'n Manual, and you should be fine.



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> The first hit on DBI HP Perl 5.8.2 seemed useful.
> Essentially, the solution was to get a real compiler.

GCC also works and one can get binaries from the network.
I compiled perl 5.8.0 on HP-UX without any problems by using gcc.

Mladen Gogala
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