Re: Performance over WAN with Latency of xx ms

  • From: Dennis Williams <oracledba.williams@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Subbiah, Nagarajan" <Nagarajan.Subbiah@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 21:43:55 -0500


Assuming your Java programmers are reasonably competent, you shouldn't
have a problem.

Dennis Williams

On 9/22/05, Subbiah, Nagarajan <Nagarajan.Subbiah@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The application is basically a web site and making lot of small trips.
> Currently the application server and the database server are in LAN with the
> maximum latency of 8ms and the WAN latency may well be guaranteed to the
> latency of 20 to 25 ms with having enough bandwidth. I believe we could
> capture the data using the statspack of how much data is being transferred
> between client and the server. The unknown value would be how many requests
> are being made by the SQL NET and the JDBC driver as a overhead for the
> handshaking and other underlying protocols.
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> Subbiah,
> > By separating application server in one location and the database
> > server in another location and the database connections will be across
> > the
> I think you need to look at your application architecture. Some applications
> network better than others. Does the application make a lot of small trips
> across the network, or just a few larger ones? That is the other issue to
> consider in addition to network latency. How much latency is acceptable will
> depend on the architecture and the expectations of your users. If they
> insist response be as fast as on a LAN, then you better have low latency. If
> they are more tolerant, then more latency can be tolerated.
> Dennis Williams

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