Re: Performance off "count(*)"

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XMLType table are a version of object tables, which means
they have a hidden OID column called sys_nc_oid$.

The problem seems to be that the sys_nc_oid$ column
(the objects unique object id) does not get declared with
a not null constraint.  So the unique index on this column
cannot be used for the count.

I can't think of a mechanism that could (legally) ever allow
the OID to be null, so it seems that you should be safe
   alter table XXX modify sys_nc_oid$ not null;

If you do, then Oracle will automatically use the index
in the count(*).

I'd raise an SR to get confirmation that this is safe before
doing it on live data though.


Jonathan Lewis

Author: Cost Based Oracle: Fundamentals

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Thanks all for the examples. A lot (re-)think and I guess I will have to do some further testing.

In case you wonder, I am working on a: XMLType table, based on Binary XML Securefile storage with has the compression parameter set to high.


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