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That appears to be a way to throttle the resource hogging reporting.  We
will have to look into that.


I guess I will have to sit down with the Peoplesoft documentation.





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Never tried this .... but ... how about looking at "Working With Oracle
Consumer Groups" at



Hemant K Chitale



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Peoplesoft DBAs,


The manager of the Peoplesoft application is having an issue with end users
submitting resource hogging reports.


We are trying to come up with a solution to solve this issue.


One option is to throttle the resources those reports use.  Has anyone else
done this successfully?  This might be an immediate option to at least
"control" the performance issues.


Second option is to move the production database to RAC.  Cost is the big
issue here.


Third option is Active Dataguard.  There is a cost component to this
solution.  But it appears this is NOT an option since the end users want to
be able to change the reports and the reports are stored in the database.


Anyway, I am wondering what other Peoplesoft sites have done?  Any ideas?
Thoughts?  Insults?



Chris Grabowy


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