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Its been mentioned a few times on the list and I cant speak on the
product but you may want to look at Delphix



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PeopleSoft does support Active DataGuard.   The reports are not stored
in the database, but there are some PeopleTools tables that are updated
when the report starts and finished and is posted to the report

Tables that need to be updated are mapped back to the primary database
through database links.  There are delivered scripts to handle
PeopleTools tables, and you might need to add to that.


However, if your report populates working storage tables, then there is
no point running it on the reporting instance.  Some jobs have one
process that populates the reporting table and another that reports from
it.  You can arrange for the first to run on the process scheduler on
the primary database and the second to run on the process scheduler on
the reporting database.  


Of course, this approach does not tackle the resource consumption, it
just moves it somewhere else.


David Kurtz
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Peoplesoft DBAs,


The manager of the Peoplesoft application is having an issue with end
users submitting resource hogging reports.


We are trying to come up with a solution to solve this issue.


One option is to throttle the resources those reports use.  Has anyone
else done this successfully?  This might be an immediate option to at
least "control" the performance issues.


Second option is to move the production database to RAC.  Cost is the
big issue here.


Third option is Active Dataguard.  There is a cost component to this
solution.  But it appears this is NOT an option since the end users want
to be able to change the reports and the reports are stored in the


Anyway, I am wondering what other Peoplesoft sites have done?  Any
ideas?  Thoughts?  Insults?



Chris Grabowy


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