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I have been using the External Password Store in 10.2.
I havent tried it out with multiple unix user accounts only the oracle
account but by using different services in our databases I connect as a
different oracle users it works well for running automated rman scripts
as I can connect to target auxiliary and catalog for duplication and
there is not a password in site. 
I guess we can use tns_names set to individual locations for each user
if we need to get fancy

Each client system can have its own password store and therefore its
possible to give a user access to a store of passwords which he doesn't
have any knowledge of. Alternatively you can have a single file
accessible by all client systems 



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Thanks, the DBA management scripts are not a problem.  Those on the
database server itself, except for those which need to talk to the rman
catalog have no passwords.

The problem is with client programs.  Access to physics papers and data
for  analyis for collaboration members, data which needs to be public,
that sort of thing.


Fred Habash (OCP 8i,9i)
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I personally developed all my DBA management tools using PERL for


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