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    Now the project managers want to partition the server (HP-UX nPartitions
    System) so that we will have separate virtual servers, for reporting,
    development, and test.  We would add memory if necessary.  Since this is
    really a zero sum game as far as the number of processors is concerned,
    is there really any performance benefit to doing this as opposed to
    running all four Oracle instances on the same server?

  I can't see how there would be a benefit to database performance, as
  the overhead is somewhat greater using VMs.

  Knowing nothing about HP partitioning, I can't say how much overhead,
  or even if it is significant.

  Maintenance of databases on the other hand may be somewhat simpler,
  as each database will think it has it's own server.

  From my experience that particular point is usually of the most benefit
  with Window servers, as any change to Services environments requires
  a reboot.  Unix is rather different in that respect.

  Virtualization for its own sake seems of dubious benefit to me.

  Were this a VMWare ESX setup, the story would be different, as that is a
  dedicated server for VM sessions.

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