RE: PRO*C compiling AIX 5.3

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 11:57:32 +1000

Hi Brian

I would definitely relink your oracle installation.
You would have been much better installing the oracle software to your
the oracle home you wanted from the installation material and then
applying the appropriate patches from Oracle to bring that installation
up to your database patch level and then if your paths stayed the same
you could copy the data files but a backup and restore would be as good.

This might be considered an invalid installation and if you have
problems with your database Oracle might just want you to reinstall it
at some later date, probably better to do things right now 



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Subject: PRO*C compiling AIX 5.3

Hello all!

We are on ORACLE

We have been on AIX 5.2.  We just bought a bigger machine, that came
installed with AIX 5.3.

I decided to just tar over the entire oracle install from the old
machine to the new machine.  I then did a cold backup of the database
and restored to the new machine.

Everything came up fine, except when using PRO*C (release
When I compile the sample.pc I get the error:

Error at line 135, column 2 in file /usr/include/standards.h #warning
The -qdfp option is required to process DFP code in headers.
PCC-S-02014, Encountered the symbol "warning" when expecting one of the

I checked the include file and it is quite a bit different than AIX 5.2.
This section is causing the problem:
#if defined(__IBM_PP_WARNING)
#warning  The -qdfp option is required to process DFP code in headers.
#error  The -qdfp option is required to process DFP code in headers.

So I commented the section out in standards.h and now PRO*C works fine.

Looks like the if .. warning... syntax caused proc to choke.

Is there some incompatibility between PRO*C and AIX 5.3?  If I
had actually done a re-link of oracle or even a fresh install, would
that have prevented the error?

I checked METALINK and found nothing about this specifically.

All comments welcome!

Brian S



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