[oracle-l] Re: PL/Sql Update Table runs 38 hrs (so far)

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That will work, given Wolfgang's assumption 
about uniqueness. But as it stands, Oracle will 
have to execute two subqueries for every row
in the 18,000,000 row table (I'm not sure that
any of the optimizer versions is currently smart
enough to convert his query into a hash join
with subquery update - but don't take my word
for that, I haven't tested it).

The pl/sql loop will make a maximum of 500,000
probes into the 18,000,000 row table to update.

(I think we are also both assuming that all three
of the join columns are not null, but the pl/sql
may behave contrary to the OP's expectations
if that were the case).


Jonathan Lewis

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What about modified code Wolfgang suggested?

Igor Neyman, OCP DBA

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