[oracle-l] Re: PL/Sql Update Table runs 38 hrs (so far)

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Your update will update all the 18,000,000
rows in the advdb.pub - when the pl/sql
loop may update only a small number of

Your query will set a value to null in advdb.pub
if there is no matching row in the smaller table,
unless you add an existence test which repeats
the updating subquery.

Your query will crash with 'subquery returns more
than one row) if there are any rows in pub14 which
are duplicate entries on the indexed columns (we
haven't been told that the indexes created were unique 
indexes).  The pl/sql will update the related advdb.pub 
rows multiple times in this case, but it will not crash.

If we had a guarantee of uniqueness on (pub14.adno,
pub14.pubno, pub14.vno), you could take your idea
one step further, though, and do the whole update
using an updatable join view, something like:

update (
    select    /*+ ordered use_hash */
            pub17.pub_sysdate p17_pub_sysdate,
        advdb.pub_14             pub14,
        advdb.pub                 pub17
            pub17.adno     = pub14.adno
    and    pub17.pubno    = pub14.pubno
    and    pub17.vno      = pub14.vno
    and    pub17.pub_sysdate <> pub14.mdate
set p17_pub_sysdate = p14_mdate


Jonathan Lewis

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Still, didn't see/hear why couldn't it be done in a single SQL (as I

Igor Neyman, OCP DBA

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Apologies to the list.
Thanks so much to Mike and Raj -- virtual beers for
you both!

(Unless either of you will be at RMOUG, in which case
the beer can be of the non-virtual nature.)

Thanks so much for looking at this


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