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Look up REF_CURSOR in PL/SQL docs.


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Since my pl/sql is less than stellar, well, way less than that; i was
hoping to get some direction on how to pass an array of records back to
the calling application?  i have initialized a record type, have been
able to write and read from it within the pl/sql package but just cant
figure out how to pass it out of the package.  I have been able to pass
an array out as a varchar and clob, but cant get the array to
distinguish end of record.    Yes I'm a novice ;-) 
Here is a snippet of what i have done;


 PROCEDURE PR_RTN_DETAIL(in_s1 IN varchar2,-- start date
              in_e1 IN varchar2,-- end date
              in_s2 IN varchar2,-- start date + release_time/24
              in_e2 IN varchar2,-- end date + release_time/24 
              in_acct IN varchar2,
              in_subacct IN varchar2,
              out_array OUT ?)
 /* Cursors to retrieve records for record type to pass back to
application */ 
   /* create record type */  
   TYPE rpt_detail_type IS RECORD
       FIRST table.first%TYPE,
       ACCT table.acct%TYPE,
       TRANID table.transaction%TYPE,
       DT date,
       STATUS varchar2(1 BYTE),
       INTCODE0 table.intcode0%TYPE,

  v_br rpt_detail_type;
 /* populate records here */

Thanks All!  As usual your expertise is much appreciated!

Bryan S Wells
DBA VoiceLog
Email: bunjibry@xxxxxxxxx 

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