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Odd to hear that about 9.7.  Never experienced any of those issues (the macros 
I never use anyway).  I'm on 11.5 now/

The awesome thing about Toad is its customization - I have a minimalist toolbar 
configured with only the functions I use the most (session browser, 
commit/rollback, run in sqlplus, compile, schema browser.  So, I have the main 
menu bar, and 1 toolbar.  Very clean and very quick.

Chris Taylor

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Definitely PL/SQL Dev for me for its clean interface, stability and 
extensibility - though the dual monitor flicker issue you mention in version 9 
looks a bit annoying.

SQL Developer has some nice features but the blocky fonts hurt my eyes, and for 
something that will be in front of me all day that just rules it out for 
serious use.

My current site doesn't provide PL/SQL Developer and has an Internet Use policy 
forbidding personal downloads, so for the first time ever I am forced to use 
TOAD 9.7. I certainly hope the current version is a lot better because it 
really is unbelievably awful. As well as crashing regularly and lacking an 
effective recovery mechanism, its editor is horrible, its session monitor is 
unusable, the macro learn feature requires you to type in a name each time you 
use it, it doesn't support third party plugins, even changing the font has most 
developers baffled, and I might be missing something but it appears that the 
code formatter is unable to align 'and' underneath 'where'. I can only imagine 
the product was written this way deliberately as some sort of sick joke.

William Robertson

On 17 Jul 2012, at 20:37, Jeff Chirco <JChirco@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This probably has been asked before but what is everybody's PL/SQL development 
tool they use?  I currently use PL/SQL Developer by Allround Automations and I 
like.  It is cheap, simple, and easy to use and does about everything I need.  
But there is a major bug
with screen flashing with dual monitors that is driving me crazy and it appears 
the developer has now interest in fixing it.
I have looked at Toad a little bit and I know that it is popular tool that does 
a lot but it seems like it is a little cumbersome.  There is just so much 
going.  Plus the price might be hard to get approval for.
 Yesterday I downloaded the freeware version of Toad and it is really slow, it 
takes like 8 seconds to bring up a package from the database for editing.

Rapid SQL by Embarcadero
I looked at this very briefly and I couldn't even figure out how to use it.  If 
it is not intuitive to use then I'm out.

Everybody else chime in with their own reviews and or suggestions.




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