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  • From: "Yavor Ivanov" <Yavor_Ivanov@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 16:21:34 +0300

        Hello, gurus

        I have some problems with Oracle on Windows 2003 32-bit. We 
have PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET set to 350 MB and a SGA of 2200 MB. Some of the 
sessions are shared server ones (which take memory from the large pool), and 
others are dedicated. Sometimes, when some big-fat report is running, the 
actual PGA allocated grows up to 550 MB and more. Then we are getting ora-4030, 
because we hit the 3 GB limit of 32 bit windows.
        In this cases I can see that one dedicated connection (the one running 
the big report) has allocated up to 280 MB PGA (this is, one session!). We are 
not using parallel things, if it matters at all.
        I know PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET is just a target, not a limit. But I wonder 
is there any way to limit how much PGA can a single session consume. I thought 
there is a rule stating no session can eat more than 10% than the total target, 
but this proved to be wrong.

Yavor Ivanov
Senior Database Expert
Stemo Ltd

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