Re: PERL DBI connection to Remote Oracle Database

  • From: "Stefan Knecht" <knecht.stefan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: smishra_97@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 21:35:00 +0200

You have 2 listeners ? One of them happen to listen on port 1521 ? Does the
database in question show up if you query the services of that listener
(lsnrctl serv <listener_name_on_port_1521>) -- perhaps the database
registered itself on that listener without you knowing.


On 8/28/07, Sanjay Mishra <smishra_97@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ron
> It is working and I am trying to understand as how it is making connection
> even the Port is not defined. On Remote DB server, I am running two
> listener. How this program use SID defined in Perl to connect to correct
> instance.
> *"Reidy, Ron" <Ron.Reidy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>* wrote:
> My guess is it won't make a connection except for the default ports.  What
> happens if you try it yourself with a small program?
> Ron Reidy
> Lead DBA
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> *Subject:* PERL DBI connection to Remote Oracle Database
>  Hi
> I am working on exsiting Perl program and found that it is usinf DBI to
> connect to Remote Database . The string used to connect the Remote database
> doesn't have PORT. Connection is going fine. Remote database is listening on
> PORT 1523 and not the Default 1521.
> I checked the Manual and it says the following but still not clear as if
> it only check on 1521 and 1526 or others. Any ideas as how it will work if
> Port is not specified like even shown below in the Doc statement
> Connecting without environment variables or tnsname.ora file If you use
> the host=$host;sid=$sid style syntax, for example:
>   $dbh = DBI->connect(";sid=ORCL", $user, $passwd);
> then DBD::Oracle will construct a full connection descriptor string for
> you and Oracle will not need to consult the tnsname.ora file.
> If a port number is not specified then the descriptor will try both 1526
> and 1521 in that order (e.g., new then old). You can check which port(s)
> are in use by typing "$ORACLE_HOME/bin/lsnrctl stat" on the server.
> Sanjay
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