RE: Outer Joins are Evil?

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I agree with Tim's comment back to you that "In short, first design the
"what" and then implement the "how", and don't confuse the order."

Good design /should/ take data access mechanisms into consideration but
not, IMHO, attempt to avoid any such mechanisms entirely.  If I don't
want you to enter a dwelling through the front door, I can either build
the dwelling without a front door or I can put a sign out front telling
you to come around back.  If I put up the sign, I suggest a normally
desired path for you to take to enter, but I don't prohibit/eliminate
the front door access path under all circumstances.  Silly analogy
maybe, but I think you get the idea.  :)

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when you design an oltp system do you take outer joins inter
consideration and attempt to minimize them at the design level? 
tim gorman mentioned that he does not for datawarehouses. 

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