RE: Oracle's relationships with expert DBAs (and the rest of us mere mortals)

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I figured this thread would have been closed by now. As we all know it is
all about the right tools for the right skill set for the right job for the
right price. If you expertise in Solaris for example get Solaris, if you
have Linux experience get Linux etc, if you get Linux when you know Windows,
you will have nightmare and vice versa. The same applies to databases, there
is a place for all the databases that are out there, if there weren't nobody
would buy/download them and then there would no point for anyone to keep
them updated. 

I personally prefer Oracle on Solaris; why? 
1. It is what I know best
2. It is what I have worked on the most
3. It is what has given me the least amount of trouble over the years,
probably because of reasons 1 and 2.

I know some dba's that prefer Oracle on Windows if I were to ask why I'd get
exactly the same 3 reasons.

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> > And your ORACLE shop size is?  And you are running what?  You need to
> compare
> > apples to apples.
> school district, 6000 teachers + staff
> RH 3

This says nothing about the size/nature of your ORACLE shop.

I work for a company with 58000 employees 13 billion sales and operation in
over 130 countries.  Does it say anything about the size of my ORACLE shop

- Vitaliy


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