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It stands for Very Mighty System. It is the best operating
system that I've ever seen. VMS help was far better and far
more use friendly then Unix man pages. Monitor was state of the
art, and you can't get anything even remotely like it on Unix,
not even if you pay. Files-11 had clustering capabilities since
VMS 4.2, which was very , very long time ago. DEC has always
been a company with great engineering and apalling sales force,
that's why they ended up as a part of a nice printer company, as 
Mr. Scott McNeally has put it. VMS is still unbeaten as an operating
system. Particularly good was EVE (not the woman who used to  
talk to reptiles and didn't know how to make an apple pie, but 
the Extended VAX Editor).

Mladen Gogala
A & E TV Network
Ext. 1216

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> VMS, what does that stand for? Very Moderate Scotch? I 
> thought you're taste was better ;-) Carel-Jan
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