Oracle10g temporary tablespace and datafiles

  • From: "Svetoslav Gyurov" <softice@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 13:33:09 +0300


First I would like to say hello to all, I'm a newbie to this forum,
although I'm reading it for more than a half an year. Also I would
like to say that I like this list, because people are discussing real
problems, which are very specific and probably the most important,
people are helping each other. So now to the point of my posting.

I have Oracle10g R1 on rp5470/L3000 with HP-UX 11.23.  The database
grow up so we had to move it from the local disks to storage. The
storage volumes were mounted under the old mount points, but because
of some type of load balancing (alternative paths) some of the
datafiles had to be moved to other locations. I used to move all of
them except the temporary datafiles and at the moment I'm using
symbolic links to point to the new locations. I didn't found any
solution except something I read, it says that I have to add new
temporary datafile (which will be ot the correct location) to the
temporary tablespace and after that removing the old temporary
datafile from the tablespace. And now the question is can I move these
files to the new locations and get rid of the symbolic links. I wasn't
able to test that and I'm curious of your opinion. Keep up the good
work and thanks in advance.


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