RE: Oracle vs. DB2 UDB

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  • Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 20:11:32 +0000

We had a guy in here recently who worked extensively with both DB2 and Oracle. 
He insisted that the co-location features of DB2 are far better than the those 
in oracle(all oracle has is the clustering factor). 

DB2 provices features to order data on insert and its measure of co-location is 
supposedly far more sophisticated than Oracle's. He insisted that this gave DB2 
an edge.

Co-location just means ordering data to get a good clustering factor. Anyone 
familiar with DB2's co-location tools? 

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> >>>> 
> >>>> We will be introducing DB2 UDB into our shop in the near 
> >>>future. I am 
> >>>> looking for some information to become familiar with it. 
> >>>> 
> >>>> - Who are the respected individuals within the community? 
> >>> 
> >>>For non-mainframe DB2, a few of the leading lights are Craig 
> >>>Mullins, Phil Gunning, Chris Eaton ... all of whom have very 
> >>>good blogs that discuss various parts of DB2 technology. 
> I recall from the porting days of UDB to Sequent Dynix PTX that 
> the guy to know was Matt Huras (Toronto). However, if you 
> are not doing a port of UDB, you might not get to talk to 
> him much :-) 
> -- 

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