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We, too, are wondering what to do as we feel we are right in the middle.
I also have had SAP calls us about Sybase.  Dunno if I want to go that way.

I'd like to keep this discussion going and see what folks think and why...

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I am just curious whether there are any folks on this list that have a split 
life.  (Yeah - I am sure there are plenty of ways to interpret that comment...) 
My question is pretty simple.  Have any of the folks on this list supported an 
SAP implementation with Oracle and eventually switched to DB2?  I did search 
the archives and see some exchanges on a similar topic back in October 2009 and 
some again in 2004.

The whole HP-UX Itanium and Oracle feud combined with SAP's focus on Hana and 
Sybase seems to be pushing Oracle further down the support stack at SAP.

Does anyone have strong thoughts related to DB2 stacking up against Oracle for 
SAP that they would like to share on this topic?

IBM seems to have a pretty good story based on TCO, fewer patches than Oracle 
and performance.  Is anyone else tired of applying critical PSUs to their 
environments every 3 months?

Thanks in advance!


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