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Problem is not Oracle over NFS but Netapp performance compared to an Hitachi 
devices. Which Netapp lines have you choosen?

BTW there is a note on Metalink and lots of docs about Netapp configuration. 
Keep in mind to disable Netapp snapshots on Oracle volumes for your safety and 
to right design aggregates for datafiles, flash recovery area, etc...



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We are currently on Oracle RAC (4 nodes) on Linux x86_64 RHEL 5.3.
We are currently using block devices on Hitachi but have invested in a
NetApp. Our 2 options are NFS (which the Unix admin favors) and Block
devices over Fiber Channel. In trying the various NFS option, we have come
across 2 mount options that Oracle must use. (noac and actimeo=0). With
noac, the performance is horrible (about 10 MB/s) and with actimeo=0 we get
about 240 MB/s which is the maximum bandwidth the interface will support (3
- 1Gbps Nics on the NetApp side). With the actimeo=0, we get better
performance but see a large amount of network discards. He has essentially
said I am putting it back to noac to get rid of the network discards. I said
if the performance goes back to 10 MB/s then we can't move to NFS over
NetApp. I wanted to get some insight from the group as I get conflicting
information when researching this issue.

Does anyone out there have Oracle RAC running over NFS to NetApp and if so,
what mount options are you using? Any specific configurations on the NetApp
side? Forgot to mention that we are using a single Cisco switch between the
NetApp and Oracle servers running with jumbo frames.



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