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Books recommended by Jonathan Lewis....


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Well, I think I have something to read for now. I'll start with the blogs and 
presentations and plan for the books. This was really helpful!

Thank you very much.


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A-X of Oracle at


Quoting Chris Dunscombe <cdunscombe@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:cdunscombe@xxxxxxxxx>>:
I know it's not relevant to Windows/Linux but if you want to know  more in depth
stuff about the Oracle optimizer then look no further than Jonathan  Lewis's 
"Cost Based Oracle Fundamentals" it's excellent.


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I've been working with oracle for several years, and between my SRs,  all the OU
courses I both took and taught and official documentation I've come to have a
pretty good general understanding of how oracle works. I'm now looking for in
depth documentation, targeted to the savvy and not the general public, of how
oracle works, with emphasis on the differences between Windows and  Linux (don't
care about unixes for now, but it would be interesting as well). First google
search turned out empty, I'm not going for the book approach, any  good book to

I already have the Applied Mathematics for Database Professionals which,
incredibly interesting as it is, is not oracle specific.

well, any input will be appreciated!



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