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I also tested 10g rel1 RAC with rhl3 on vmware desktop v5. Host os
was/is windoz.


I second the Firewire scam. What a piece. 





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I installed 10g RAC on VmWare/Windows/Linux. Works like charm ( check
Oracle on Vmware cookbook on otn ). Unlike that Firewire scam.


Regards, Ranko


On 10/14/05, Justin Cave (DDBC) <jcave@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

I believe Tom Kyte has given this setup rave reviews on his blog
( ).  You may have to go back into the archives
a bit to see the posts.

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Have any of you attempted to run Oracle in a VMWare session.  I'm sure 
it's not authorized for production/support purposes, but for testing?
playing with features?
If you have, were there specific pitfalls to watch for, settings to


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