Re: Oracle database HA on VMWare without using RAC

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  • Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2020 19:09:43 -0400

Hi Amir!

I am primarily a DBA. That is my background. I am not a system administrator or a storage administrator, I don't configure or monitor any of this stuff. However, VMotion promises "zero downtime" which is not possible with Oracle. The fabled bitmaps in VMotion are the same as Oracle's change tracking device for incremental backups: it tracks changed blocks and it does sort of VM snapshot on the fly. It can be a good solution if you move your machine to another host while the database is down. I wouldn't try it with a running DB.


On 8/1/20 4:35 PM, Hameed, Amir wrote:

Thanks Mladen!

Have you had any experience with using VMWare’s VMotion feature to provide HA to Oracle databases? We are looking for a cost effective way to provide HA to an Oracle database. RAC, Veritas, GG are all excellent but expensive options. What I don’t know is how effective VMotion is in minimizing the outage time for Oracle databases.


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