Re: Oracle database HA on VMWare without using RAC

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  • Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2020 15:51:14 -0400

Standby database or Golden Gate are rather usual options. Other than that, you can setup a Veritas failover cluster for VMWare:

You can do the same thing using MSFT cluster:

There is also VMWare HA:

Last, but definitely not least, there is Commvault Live Sync for VMWare. It's sort of standby for VMWare.

Virtual machines are disk files. Fail-over clusters move the disk drive to the surviving node and restart the service. There are also hardware based solutions on remote disk replication. Every major SAN vendor (EMC, Hitachi, NetApp) has remote disk replication software, usually for the high end arrays and usually separately licensed. What kind of money are you looking to spend? What is the acceptable switch-over time? Are you looking for the software-only  solution, hardware solution or the combination of both? Here is a good article about VMWare high availability:

This is a question for a system architect within your company. The most important question is how much do you want to spend? When you have the $$$ then it's basically testing various commercial solutions, some of which are listed above.

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I am looking for options/features available in VMWare to provide high-availability to single-instance Oracle databases. If anyone is using VMWare to provide HA solution to their Oracle database, I would appreciate if I could be pointed to the right direction.

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