RE: Oracle certification - Worth the hard work?

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You can also take the required course on-line for $1500, and save the travel 
time/expense too - that's what I did.
I just went through all the courses (via self-paced online library, Sybex 
books, and Oracle documentation) and got my 9i certification a few months ago, 
currently working on the 10g upgrade.  I had already been working as a DBA for 
a couple years, but I definitely learned a lot of details and different ways of 
doing things through the courses that I find very helpful in my daily work.  I 
do believe the studying required for the courses helped me to become a better 
DBA, but obviously no one should be hired solely based on certification or lack 
of it - same goes for years of experience.  I only have about 3 years and I 
find my self interviewing others that claim to have 10+ years, and their 
resumes sound like they are the greatest DBA in the world, but then you 
interview them and they can't even tell you the difference between RAID1 and 
There are a lot of things you have to learn for certification that you may 
never use, and you have to remember syntax that you'll forget a week later and 
have to look up in the documentation again, but it is still good to have at 
least an awareness of those things so you can be prepared to take advantage of 
them if the need ever arises.  
I think the required course for OCP certification is ridiculous - it doesn't 
provide any more value and it is a waste of time and money if you already know 
the topic, but at least you can do the online course and minimize the cost & 
time - you don't even really have to participate if you don't want - just show 
up at login time and then do your own thing the rest of the day.  Also, you can 
get your OCA (first two exams) without doing the required course and can even 
take the first exam online for $75 I think - so that might be a good compromise 
if you're not sure whether or not you want to get the full OCP (4 exams) - just 
do the first 2 and then decide from there whether or not you want to continue.  
The OCA is still a "certification" so it might be good enough to get you 
through the HR department.
Brandon Allen

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its absolutely not worth it if you have to pay for the class yourself. Oracle 
now requires a 1 week class. The classes now cost $3,000. If your company pays 
for the training then do it, if not don't.
There is not alot of work to studyig for the certification. It's pretty easy. 
Does it help? I guess a little bit. I see some companies want it and I see that 
some people are impressed with it. 

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