Re: Oracle certification - Worth the hard work?

  • From: Anurag Varma <avoracle@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: juancarlosreyesp@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 11:48:38 -0400

Don't you think its too much of a stretch comparing a M.D. to an OCP?
It takes more than
7 years of hard work to become an M.D.
Try comparing OCP to clown school.
If you are a clown and cannot make the kids laugh, I'll take solace in
the fact that you have been to clown school ....


On 8/12/05, Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <juancarlosreyesp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> a) I can tell that definitively I had got a very positive benefit from
> certification.
> b) If I would have had a tutor previously to introduce to few key
> topics, maybe I woudln't need the certification.
> c) Even after the certification I need Tom Kytes advice.
> d)  The certification is only +1 in the evaluation.
> Not only to hire the dba, else when you are working as a contract
> business is important to show your personnel has a certification.
> e) The certification, when there is a problem, gives you more credibility.
> What do you think?
> If I'm a doctor and I cut your leg, because I say you can die, and I
> don't have a certification in that speciality, or if I have, which
> will be the difference?
> So if you certify better for you and for your boss.
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Anurag Varma

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