Re: Oracle certification - Worth the hard work?

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  I disagree with this opinion about "pretty much lets me knows that you can 
take a test".  

  For me taking the test verified to me that I had a broad scope of knowledge.

  More importantly, it did make the difference for me in today's competent job 

  Even more important is that this information will assist you in making 
numerous process improvements.

  Any DBA will have the experience of agitated users and nervous upper 

  Those situations are commonplace and you will learn to diffuse them ... part 
of the daily job.

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    A certificate in this prety much lets me know that you can take a test, it
    does not tell me a damn thing about if you can do the job.

    Just because you can read a book and regurgetate the information back up
    onto a piece of paper does not mean that you can handle the day to day
    workings of a DBA or handle users in a manner that does not a) Piss them off
    to no end or b) Give them everything they want and the expense of everyone
    else.   It also does not show me that you can handle the high pressure oh so
    fun situation of having 100 upper management types calling you at 5 am
    wondering why the production database is down and how long it is going to
    take you to put it back up.  And it surely does not show me that you know
    how to handle the 100 other things that can go wrong that are just not
    covered in anything but life experience.

    Experience over Certification any day.

    My order of hiring is :
      a) Experience + Certification.
      b) Experience Without Certification.
      c) Newbie + Certification.
      d) Newbie Without Certification.

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    a) I can tell that definitively I had got a very positive benefit from
    b) If I would have had a tutor previously to introduce to few key
    topics, maybe I woudln't need the certification.
    c) Even after the certification I need Tom Kytes advice.
    d)  The certification is only +1 in the evaluation.
    Not only to hire the dba, else when you are working as a contract
    business is important to show your personnel has a certification.
    e) The certification, when there is a problem, gives you more credibility.

    What do you think?
    If I'm a doctor and I cut your leg, because I say you can die, and I
    don't have a certification in that speciality, or if I have, which
    will be the difference?

    So if you certify better for you and for your boss.

    Oracle Certified Profesional 9i 10g
    Orace Certified Professional Developer 6i

    8 years of experience in Oracle 7,8i,9i,10g and developer 6i

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