Re: Oracle and Sun Solaris Zones

  • From: Ethan Post <post.ethan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: srcdco@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 12:06:29 -0600

Carefully document his incompetance (down time, reasons, email chains,
warnings not to do that again, etc...) and make sure all users have
his home phone and pager number. Besides that you are doing the right
thing by trying to figure out how to get things to work in spite of
your SA.

Good Luck.

On 2/17/06, Scott Canaan <srcdco@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>    We are in the process of implementing Sun Solaris 10 with zones and
> Oracle  As DBA's, we were told that this was what the environment
> was going to be, without any request for feedback or testing.  The Oracle
> home is located in the global zone and each Oracle instance is in its own
> local zone.  We've had to allow the local zones permission to write to the
> global zone because the Oracle database and listener wouldn't even run if we
> didn't.  According to the SA, this violates the security that zones was
> supposed to give us, but he reluctantly did it.
>    This week, he's been playing with dynamically changing the number of
> processors and the amount of memory allocated to the zones.  This has caused
> all kinds of problems with Oracle.  We've had several crashes that have led
> us to add the init.ora parameter _enable_numa_optimization=false to all of
> Oracle databases running in zones.  According to metalink, this is a bug
> that is supposed to be fixed in 10g.  Last night, we had a database crash
> because the memory changed dynamically and it wasn't happy about it.
>    My question is: Is anyone else running Oracle in Solaris 10 zones?  If
> so, what have you had to do to keep the instances up and running?  What
> problems have you encountered along the way?
> Thank you,
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