RE: Oracle and DST changes

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  • Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 10:19:23 -0500

No, I'm not worried about the client yet.   I have several queries where
the client does not play a part in determining if the patch is applied
or what version of the timezone files are installed.

Any real timezone query I can run by logging in from the server with the
environment set.   

I'll get to the client after I finish figuring out all my various
flavors of update on the server... this one being one where obviously
another 'little' piece is missing... since it is not a sev 1, there
response I suspect will be next week.

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
904  727-2546

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Did you patch your client as well?  I upgraded a database to
yesterday, and was wondering why the test query didn't work until I
remembered that I hadn't installed the patch on my local machine.

On 1/26/07 8:28 AM, Joel.Patterson@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> For version I followed the steps in note 399832.1 and I don't
> see any results at all.  I have started an SR as there may be an issue
> or step I'm not seeing.   The interpretation is that once you copy the
> files you are finished....  I have even restarted the database.
> I have sucessfully updated a database.
> Joel Patterson
> Database Administrator
> joel.patterson@xxxxxxxxxxx
> x72546
> 904  727-2546

Jason Heinrich
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