Re: Oracle Virtualbox Networking Multiple VMS (question for advanced Virtualbox users)

  • From: Karl Arao <karlarao@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ChrisDavid.Taylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 17:39:47 -0500

Here's how I've setup my R&D server which you can find more details on the
build stuff here
the network part are as follows
my host machine IP is
the vboxnet0 is
the VirtualBox Guest DNS, MailServer, NTP server (yeapp...ALL in one)  is
the vboxnet DHCP server is with lower bound of
and upper bound of

then subnet of my VMs are on 192.168.203.x  and the way I want my VMs to
work is just them talking to each other... much like I have an internal
network environment built around the 192.168.203.x

so the R&D Server VirtualBox networking is detailed here
you'll notice at the beginning of that evernote file the types of
networking you can do on the types of host... essentially the NAT in VMware
is equivalent to Host-Only Adapter in VirtualBox.

the section -> "Virtual Box HOST System wide network settings -
192.168.203.x subnet" shows the networking setup of the HOST
the section -> "Linux CLIENT VM: Host-Only Adapter" shows the networking
setup of the GUEST (which is your RAC environment)
the section -> "Linux CLIENT VM: Host Only (eth0) and Bridged adapter
(eth1)" shows the setup if you want to talk to the inside and outside world
at the same time which I only used for my VirtualBox DNS server because I
want it to serve as my DNS for my GUEST and my HOST as well. And if you
want to have your RAC to talk to the outside work just configure a bridge
adapter and you'll be able to download stuff from the internet.

Here's how I've setup the following network services, and every VMs are
making use of these services:
- MailServer
- Samba
- NTP,

And as you can see from here I've got a link called
"IPs and Installation Matrix" which documents every VM that I have and the
whole range of IPs I've allocated for every VM. On my R&D box I can run 12
VMs running concurrently with 0.45 load average and no CPU WAIT IO which is
shown here ..

The only thing that I haven't build yet is an automated incremental backup
to my MyBookLive disks which has a Linux OS that you can hack.. and I think
you can use Amanda on the host to throw those backup files.. but I haven't
spent time on it yet.

Have fun on the build! :)

Karl Arao


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