RE: Oracle Virtualbox Networking Multiple VMS (question for advanced Virtualbox users)

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What I wound up doing was downloading and installing VMware Player.  This
will run host-only and NAT networks on your system.  Then I bridged to
VMware's NAT.  This let me set my static IPs

Hope that helps,


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I'm running Virtualbox on my Windows Enterprise desktop with 2 VMs (Oracle
Linux 5.8 - RAC demo) and I'm having difficulty getting the internal
networking between the guests setup the way "I want it".
I do *not* want my vms to use bridged networking as they get IPs from the
corporate DHCP server which is frowned on.

I used a NAT setup and changed Virtualbox to use the "Host Resolver as DNS
Proxy" for each VM - now each of my VMS can do an NSLOOKUP which will
resolve using A.) the host DNS or B.) the hosts file on the Windows host.
With this setup I can add simulated DNS records to my hosts file on the HOST
and the GUESTS will resolve as if connected to a real DNS server.

Now, I've assigned static IPs to my NAT'd vms, and they can talk to the host
correctly *and* to the outside world correctly.  *HOWEVER* the NAT'd VMs
cannot talk to each other (grumble) through an apparent limitation of
Virtualbox NAT implementation.  (VMWare NAT'd vms can talk to each other I

What I *want* is the NAT'd functionality of having my own IP ranges while
*also* being able to talk to each other *and* use a remote DNS/HOSTS lookup
to simulate a real DNS server to the VMs.

Any Virtualbox GURUs out there want to give me some pointers on Virtualbox
networking that might help me accomplish what I'm wanting?

Any Virtualbox networking tricks I might not be aware of and could leverage?
( I thought about creating a specific host interface and binding to it as
bridged network and using the created host interface as an internet gateway
- I'm still leaning toward that approach but not sure it's actually doable
on Windows 7).


Chris Taylor

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