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And considering it's THE key component to Oracle's UltraSearch, you'd
think there'd be more around.

Don't bother with the MetaLink Forum -- it's basically unmonitored by
anyone at Oracle Support.  Even a Jan06 post by an Oracle employee has
it's only reply by the author as "Anybody?".

There should be a refund on Support $$$ for this...


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I have been using Oracle Text for about three years and have yet to see
a book published concerning the topic.  The Oracle Complete Reference
has one small chapter on the topic.  There are some white papers on the
Meta link site.  Also there are some forums on OTN.  But that is about
it.  I am currently doing research on indexing multi-language documents
and am having a hard time finding anything to help me.


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Has anybody seen a book on Oracle Text?  I have already looked at the
from Oracle.  I am wondering if there are any resources out there about 
Oracle Text?


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