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Well, I didn't know you could use the "$" sign instead of "host" in 
windows....weird.  Weird but kind of cool.

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I can answer your last question -- for Winders use the $, for *NIX it's !.

David Fitzjarrell

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Subject: Oracle Text on Windows


I have a coworker who is trying to get Oracle Text installed and working in
an Oracle database on a Windows system (I don't know what Windows

He told me he used dbca to create the database, including the installation
of Oracle Text in the database.  When he found that things didn't work, he
talked to some other people and decided that he also needed to run another
script (drdefin.sql?), but that still didn't help.

I'm only familiar with installing Oracle Text on a unix system and only for
Oracle, though I did pass on the documentation for 11.1 to my

Anyone know of any issues installing Oracle Text on Windows using dbca vs the
sql commands in the documentation?

Also, anyone know of how to run a Windows command from within a database on a
windows system...the equivalent of '!' for unix....?


- MAureen

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