Re: "Oracle Streams" by Madhu Tumma

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  • Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 16:42:17 -0800

Don Burleson is not just an editor, he's the owner of Rampart Press.  Quite 
surprising that he would recommend a book his company published, eh?

  Hi all,

  Is this one good?

  I can see the review from Mr. Burleson who was apparently an editor as well 
(well, expected for Rampant Press).

  The comment seem a bit odd to me:
    As the editor for this book I was able to read the in-depth utility of 
Oracle Streams and see how it is going to be a super-hot technology. Oracle 
Streams is a great replacement for the older standby-database technology and 
it's is also a great alternative to Oracle RAC clusters. 

    Best of all, Oracle Streams is a great way to set-up a disaster recovery 
server, and also use the server for traffic. Tumma did an exceptional job on 
this book and I highly recommend it for anyone considering failover or disaster 
recovery solutions. 

    Madhu's text goes far-beyond the nuts-and-bolts and he shares real-world 
secrets and techniques for using Oracle Streams in a mission-critical 
environment. If you need to understand high-speed Oracle replication, this is a 
must-have book. 

  I am really surpised to consider Oracle Streams anywhere close to replacement 
of RAC. I am also quite skeptical to that it's an appropriate solution for 
DR... well, maybe... maybe...
  Anyway, I promised that two books from this Sir are the last ones that I have 
on my bookshelf (one of them was only edited by him though).
  No surprise on this one:
          0 of 3 people found the following review helpful

  Is there an alternative reading (besides manuals) on Oracle Streams? I would 
buy this one but after few recent notes/blogs from some prominent authors I am 
kind of reassured that it might be just loosing my time. Or maybe this one is 
good to have? 

  Best regards,
  Alex Gorbachev

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