Re: Oracle RAC on Win vs. Oracle on Linux

  • From: "KRIUSHIN, Andrey" <Andrey.Kriushin@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: robertgfreeman@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 09:43:26 +0300


in order of preference:
- OpenVMS
- supported flavor of *nix/*nux
- Win 64-bit (32-bit is a big "NO!!!" for RAC)

IMHO, the platform stability is not a very good argument. More important
things are (in arbitrary order):

- "quality" of sysadmins.
   NOTE: Win produced a generation of mouse-clickers/GUIsts, who
mistakenly think they understand how their OS works... of course, there
are nice exceptions, which only confirm the general rule.

- monitoring, tracing, other troubleshooting tools availability.
  NOTE: I've heard the rumors saying that Oracle has plans to add Sun's
dtrace functionality to the server (anybody knowledgeable could comment
on this?)

- install base (or should I just call it "a number") of mission-critical
and/or hugely sized databases
  NOTE: border cases always demonstrate the OS bottleneck/limitations,
which then are (hopefully) walked around/eliminated.

My $0.02


Robert Freeman wrote:
> Anyone want to jump in on their preferred platform for RAC? Personally I
> tend to lean towards Linux for stability purposes, but I'd like your
> thoughts on why you prefer either platform for RAC. Specifically why
> would you avoid windows (other than the fact that it's evil), or would you?
> RF

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