RE: Oracle RAC on Win vs. Oracle on Linux

  • From: Mohammad Rafiq <rafiq9857@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Thanks for your response. I am supporting Oracle databases on Windows since 
2003 (on other platforms since 1988) and never got a single 'blue screen of 
deaths' for Windows 2000 / 2003 servers yet. I think credit goes to some 
excellent US Based Server Admin support. When I joined that client I moved 
number of Windows databases to Linux but where application was  supporting 
databases  on Windows only we had no option. 


As informed earlier Linux is the preferred platform for this client but if 
requirement for Window based databases which host application as well as 
database on Windows server we have no option but to put database on Windows. 
These databases are mostly smaller in memory requirement  so we don't hit 3GB 


Point still remain the same, they run quite normal without any serious memory 
or other resources issues on Windows 2000/2003 servers. Due support issues, now 
Windows 2000 servers either has to be migrated either to 2003 or 2008 servers. 




Subject: RE: Oracle RAC on Win vs. Oracle on Linux
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 21:02:38 -0500
From: Richard.Goulet@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: rafiq9857@xxxxxxxxxxx; robertgfreeman@xxxxxxxxx; oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    As I'm working in one of the premier (top 10) trials companies to the 
pharma community we are moving all our databases/applications off of Windows 
for Unix based operating systems.  These are validated, no problem.  Windows 
has two basic problems, memory and processes.  Without a start up switch your 
limited to 3GB total memory for Oracle, with the switch you can have another 
gb, but it uses memory context switches which are a performance killer.  The 
second is that Oracle on Windows is multithreaded within a single executable 
where as Unix based systems have multiple processes again limiting capacity.  
Our windows based databases are a real pain in the shorts, they are constantly 
hitting that "blue screen of death" at least once a week.  As it is after 1 
June we will no longer support or validate a Windows database.
Dick Goulet 
Senior Oracle DBA/NA Team Lead 
PAREXEL International 


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I don't agree that Window is evil. I seen problems with Windows NT (mostly 
memory leak related)  but after handling Oracle databases on Windows 2000 or 
newer version, it is quite stable. However it depends on SA of Windows server 
how competent they are to configure and handle Windows server.
I am mostly supporting Oracle databases of various versions on HP, RedHat Linux 
and Windows and did not find serious issues with Windows 2000+ servers. 
Although it is not a preferred environment but due vendor requirements for 
their application (specially for pharmceutical industry which needs validated 
application/databases) we need to put Oracle databases on Windows 2000/2003 

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 15:05:10 -0800
From: robertgfreeman@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Oracle RAC on Win vs. Oracle on Linux
To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anyone want to jump in on their preferred platform for RAC? Personally I tend 
to lean towards Linux for stability purposes, but I'd like your thoughts on why 
you prefer either platform for RAC. Specifically why would you avoid windows 
(other than the fact that it's evil), or would you?


 Robert G. Freeman
Master Principle Consultant, Oracle Corporation
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