Re: Oracle RAC - IBM 5.3 - Cybernetics - Block Corruption

  • From: "Ethan Post" <post.ethan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: krish.hariharan@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 21:00:28 -0600

Thanks for the response. Looks like we are going to just hook up a Linux box
to Cybernetics (which works) and then expose the disk devices to the AIX box
via Linux, so Linux will act as a middle man. We are just trying to certify
some software so we don't require a production set up at this point. We are
told Solaris and Linux work fine with Cybernetics, the issue as been IBM.
Pretty sure the block corruptions are related to the disk issues, the only
thing I can't explain is that I have another database running in the same
cluster and it hasn't been corrupted yet. But since the issue is random it
might just be a coincidence.

On Nov 15, 2007 4:03 PM, <krish.hariharan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Notwithstanding the possiblity of a hardware level problem the fractured
> block entry sounds like a device is being used in multiple places.
> The last time we encountered a problem like this was when we accidentally
> got the voting devices mixed up in multiple nodes and it ended up mapping
> to a data file in one of the other nodes (on Solaris).  More esoteric
> possiblities may exist such as oracle bugs that are allowing dirty reads
> and such but the fractured block sounds like a device or device blocks are
> cross mapped for some odd reason.
> More experienced folks may have a specific answer to guide you
> Regards
> -Krish

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