RE: Oracle Patches - PSUs/CPUs/Caveats question/confusion {Solved}

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"Note that Patch Set Updates are available only for Oracle Database Server and later on platforms other than Windows. Windows Database bundles do 
however include the same fixes as the Patch Set Updates when they are released."

Again, Windows causes me some unnecessary angst LOL

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I should mention this is WINDOWS so maybe the terms CPUs and PSUs don't mean 
the same because I found this in the docs:

Oracle Database Oracle Database Home

Unix:             CPU Patch 12419249, or PSU Patch 12419397
Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit):      Bundle Patch 12429521

Note 1323616.1


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Subject: Oracle Patches - PSUs/CPUs/Caveats question/confusion

We're working on our patching strategy and I realize now that I'm a bit 
confused, or perhaps I'm now confused vs. not being confused before.

Here's the note that has caused me some confusion:
Note 1323616.1
1.4 Oracle Database Critical Patch Updates and Patch Set Updates The Database 
Patch Set Updates and Critical Patch Updates that are released each quarter 
contain the same security fixes. However, they use different patching 
mechanisms, and Patch Set Updates include both security and recommended bug 
fixes. Consider the following guidelines when you are deciding to apply Patch 
Set Updates instead of Critical Patch Updates.

    Critical Patch Updates are applied only on the base release version, for 

    Patch Set Updates can be applied on the base release version or on any 
earlier Patch Set Update. For example, can be applied on 

    Once a Patch Set Update has been applied, the recommended way to get future 
security content is to apply subsequent Patch Set Updates. Reverting from an 
applied Patch Set Update back to the Critical Patch Update, while technically 
possible, requires significant time and effort, and is not advised.

For more information on Patch Set Updates, see Note 854428.1, Patch Set Updates 
for Oracle Products.

Here's what I have:

Oracle 10g base with the following patches:
Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Patch Set 3 (

I have the following Patch installed on top of that:

1. patch 8708078 is a CPU not a PSU, correct?  Or is it something else?
2. The Patch Set (Patch Set 3) is a base release version though, is 
that correct?  So - we can apply CPUs to which is itself a PSU?  (See 
my confusion?) 3. If patch set updates (PSUs) are release each quarter also, 
why are there not as many PSUs as there are CPUs?  (Unless question #1 above is 
not a CPU)

I think I'm still "missing something" here.





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