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you'll get the max partitioning bennies if you "ask" for them, by =
partition-pruning (to the extent possible, natch) in your SQL. Try to =
find some semantically-relevant way of getting "....WHERE COL1=3D...." =
in your query and you'll be good.=20

If you can't partition-prune, brace yourself for potentially brutal =
global scans, and you=20
might want to keep your part/global tab/idx stats up to snuff.=20

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I am running a query against Oracle Table which is
partition locally. All index are also partition
locally and I had index on table1 column name COl1.
Table is partition by  ID,dateofBirth column

Now when I running=20
select * from table1 where col1=3D12345;

Is there advantage I will get on the above query which
is partitioned but not with Col1.=20
Is there any disadvantage of using partition in this
case. The requirement for partition is to delete data
when it is more that 1 yr old and each month partition
can have 10-20G data.


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