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Having been through an Oracle audit, you can safely install any and all
options, if you want, without penalty provided that you are not actively
using them.  There are some that install without your consent because
they are "needed" by the base product.  Also if you do a quick install
they all get installed by default.  Thankfully Oracle appears to
understand that and not hold you responsible.  Now for some options,
like partitioning, they can query the data dictionary and tell that your
using it or not.  Others like Context are more difficult in which case
they'll ask the CIO to sign a letter stating that your not using it.
It's on the honor system for sure & as it has been explained to me
several times by Oracle folk your free to "experiment" with the options
for 90 days after install and so long as you do not use them for a
production purpose.   Violate either of those & they want their pound of
flesh.  And when you look at it, why should they not leave those doors
open.  If you play with the option, and find it valuable you'll probably
want to keep it & pay for it.  It's sorta like free money to them.

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I understood that Partitioning works out at roughly =3DA310k per CPU.
You can install EE without installing  Partitioning so I still see it as
a an licensable option.
If it is installed you owe Oracle the money basically, whether you are =
using it or not.

There is a means of removing partitioning though without a full =3D
re-install (there is no de-install option within the installer). However
I cannot find details on Metalink (surprise, surprise) or even Google.

It is definitely there though. I saw it only about 3 weeks ago. We =3D
decided not to run it though as we were a bit concerned about the impact
on the existing system.

Funnily enough even on a non partitioned installed installation there =
are partitioned tables. Weird hey.


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No.  If you need the data in the database then do a full export, drop
the database, de-install Oracle, re-install Oracle with the options
that you want, create a database and import your data.

On the other hand, you might question why you want the options dropped.

As I understand it, partitioning is available only with the Enterprise
Edition (EE).  If you have the Enterprise Edition, then you're paying
for the Enterprise Edition whether or not you use partitioning.

As always, your milage may varry.  Research the options and find out
if they are priced separately or are just a part of the particular
edition of the Oracle that you are using.  I'm not in procurement so I
don't have these details handy.


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