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On top of that, who really cares if job scheduling in being used.  Any
ERP package has a job scheduler that it uses, why should Oracle's be any
different.  And if your on 10g or higher then the database does create
jobs for AWR & other maintenance tasks.  Sheesh, these auditors are
getting out of hand.

Dick Goulet 



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You could also show them the init.ora parameter JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES, and
the scheduler attribute max_job_slave_processes:

"If JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES is 0, DBMS_JOB is disabled, and the maximum
number of job slave processes for Scheduler is controlled by the
max_job_slave_processes Scheduler attribute." See the 11g documentation
_a003.htm> .

It might also help to show them that noone has been granted the various
scheduler privileges
in007.htm#i1011204> . 

Regards Nigel

2009/2/13 Xu, Roger <Roger.Xu@xxxxxxxx>

        Will the following 2 SQL's against dba_jobs and
dba_scheduler_jobs show auditors that we do not use Oracle Job
Scheduling? Is there a better way to convince them?

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