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Been around for a long time...I have never used it;
Bridge between Excel and all your databases=20

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Ugh. owa_sylk is very limited.

If you know how to use Perl, use the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel module in
concert with DBI, as it will allow you to create complete=20
Excel spreadsheets that do not need further formatting.

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 14:50:34 -0600, Bill Coulam <bill.coulam@xxxxxxxx>
> Checking some of my facts, found that Mr. Kyte uses=20
> "application/excel" for his MIME type. And he mentions the use of a=20
> custom package called owa_sylk that seems to be intended to output=20
> data in ASCII format that Excel can recongize. I saved off one of his=20
> examples and it worked semi-OK with a few errors. So you may need to=20
> update owa_sylk for later versions of Excel.
> Good thread here:=20
> =
> 425837
> 805
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> Subject: Oracle Data Report to Excel Spreadsheet
> I had  Oracle 9i database and need to convert several
> reports to Excel Spreadsheet. Is there any procedure
> that can help. I am planning to use Orace 9iAS Mod
> Plsql to provide direct report to Excel Spread sheet
> by call Excel and spreading the data in Columns.
> I had seen such kind of report Long time back and so
> any idea, URL or example is of great help to me
> Sanjay
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