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My sample code is at home. Not sure I can find it. Haven't had to do this
since '97.

As I recall, you have to manipulate the HTTP header, using
owa_util.mime_header and close_header or something like that. You specify
the MIME type as application/

The you output text with commas or tabs using htp/htf. I never toyed with
Excel's binary format to see if I could interface with that. Probably not.
Perhaps with the latest Excel versions you can output XML that Excel can
recognize and display.

Hope that gives you a few more keywords to go off of.

- bill c.

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I had  Oracle 9i database and need to convert several
reports to Excel Spreadsheet. Is there any procedure
that can help. I am planning to use Orace 9iAS Mod
Plsql to provide direct report to Excel Spread sheet
by call Excel and spreading the data in Columns.

I had seen such kind of report Long time back and so
any idea, URL or example is of great help to me


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